Eye, Heart & Soul

Award-winning fine art street photography Vijce from Eye, Heart & Soul



 Seoul, South-Korea, 2013


This set revolves around the South-Korean capital Seoul.

An emerging mega-metropolis gleaming with everyday beauty,

weird quirks and a pulsating night life.


rush hour (Seoul, 2013)


a whole world to discover (seoul, 2013)


go ahead punk, make my day (SEOUL, 2013)


steamin' hot (SEOUL, 2013)


the cook (SEOUL, 2013)


Farewell, my seoul mate (SEOUL, 2013)


a long walk home (SEOUL, 2013)


the forbidden gate (SEOUL, 2013)


at your service (SEOUL, 2013)


well...okay (SEOUL, 2013)


seoul city girls (SEOUL, 2013)


the flag (seoul, 2013)


three worlds (seoul, 2013)


1001 shoes (seoul, 2013)


open your eyes (SEOUL, 2013)


time is running out (SEOUL, 2013)